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"Natural", "Organic", and "Green" ?

Trends, catch phrases, and gimmicks are so common these days that the false sense of security they bring could be a public health risk. "Natural" for instance is not governed by any EPA regulations what-so-ever. "Organic" pesticides are defined as being non-synthetic, synthetic versions are often no more harmful and most are substantially more effective. "Green" is a catch-phrase that has no place in tick control. "Green" in no way guarantees the effectiveness of a product or its environmental impact. We provide product labels with every property evaluation and we stand by it 15 years running.

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Reported Cases Of Lyme Disease By State.
Only 1 in 10 cases of Lyme disease are reported properly by Centers for Disease Control estimates. The east coast, the upper midwest, and parts of the west coast of the U.S. are the fastest growing areas of reported Lyme disease.
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